Something to Delight In

I love gardening.  Each year, I look forward to putting my vegetable seeds in and watching my perennials push through the ground.  I can often be found outside, crouching low and peering at the soil for signs of growth. I never tire of seeing the green shoots start popping up and find great joy in watching things blossom and grow.

Perhaps you’ve experienced the same thing with something that delights you.  For those who love to quilt, I’m guessing you rarely get tired of seeing a pattern come to life or looking at the beauty of what another quilter has created.  For the person who delights in birding, it is likely with joy that you anticipate the return of various species in the spring and fill their feeders to attract them.  

It’s such a gift that God gives us things to delight in and that bring us joy.  To me, it’s yet another example of the ways God provides for us and something we can be grateful for each day.  God wouldn’t have to do this, and yet, it shouldn’t surprise us that God would bless us in this way.  

After all, God is no stranger to the feeling of delight.  The creation story in Genesis tells us how God looked at what God had created and said, “It is good.”  And not only that, the Bible tells us that we were created for God’s pleasure (Rev 4:11). That means God delights in us.  It’s a pretty amazing thing when you think about it.  

No more do we have to wonder if God cares for us, if God is listening to our prayers, or worry about doing enough to please God.  It’s quite the opposite, actually– there is nothing God likes more than to be with us and hear from us. Just like how simply looking at my garden fills my heart with joy, that’s how God feels when God looks at us and when we lean on him.

At times, this can be hard for us to believe.  We know ourselves well, and, as someone I know once said, “We carry our faults, failures, and insecurities like a snail carries its shell.”  But because of the cross, we can rely on the fact that nothing will change how much God loves us and delights in us. In fact, through our adoption as God’s children, when God looks at us, he sees nothing less than what he sees when he looks at Jesus.

So the next time you find yourself doing something you enjoy and delight in, I hope you will take a moment and let the reality that God delights in you sink in.  rest in the assurance of God’s love. Think about how much it pleases God when we delight in the blessings that have been brought into our lives and rest in the assurance of God’s love for you.  I could be wrong, but I can’t help but think that doing so will fill you with a deep sense of contentment and peace.