Peace in the midst of fear

I read an newsletter article recently that spoke to what many of us are feeling.  The author of the reflection, Dr. Kathie Amidei, spoke of how real and abundant fear is these days.  “The more I look for peace in the world, the more I find some peace, but not enough to allay my deepest fears,” she writes. 

“It doesn’t get at the fear I harbor, that makes me ache for a world in which all children are protected.  Or the fear we will lose the vision for unity of humanity…in a time when it seems divisiveness determines that there must be winners and losers.  Or the deeply personal fear of losing the people I love.”

She goes on to speak of Jesus’ response to fear, and then concludes her article with what I believe is a profound and powerful statement.  “I am so clear about what I can’t do.  Faith is to be a student continually learning what God can do.

With this statement in mind, I am reminded of the many times throughout the Bible and my life that Jesus tells us, “Do not be afraid.”  Some of his last words to his disciples were, “Peace I leave with you.  My peace I give to you.  I do not give to you as the world gives.  Do not let your hearts be troubled; do not let them be afraid,” (John 14:27).

My question for you today is, do you still believe that Jesus is able to calm storms, like he did for his disciples?  That he can raise you from death to life, daily?  That evil and the power of darkness has not overcome the Light that comes from God?  If so, how are you living out that faith, that trust, in the God who was and is and is to come?  

There are a number of faith practices that can help you do so: sharing highs and lows, keeping a gratitude journal, even taking a few deep breaths while praying, “Come, Lord Jesus, come.”  

However you do it, taking a few moments each day to connect with the people you love and the God who loves you most of all will keep you grounded in peace, hope, and love.  It will help you remember that your first calling is as a child of God.  And it will remind you that no matter what your fear may be, God is bigger than that fear and can overcome it.