Bubble Wrap Girl – This children’s book encourages kids (and their parents) to not let the fear of getting hurt get in the way of them trying new things.   

“Engaging, different, and fun, Bubble Wrap Girl packages its uncommon message with an unexpected twist that kids and their parents will relish.” –Diane Donovan of Midwest Book Review 

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Unbalanced but CenteredIn progress

The question of whether or not a woman can “have it all” has been a perennial one. My gut reaction has always been no.  At least not all at the same time. But for many, the pressure to do and be it all is still there. 

Through my journey, I’ve found that finding the perfect balance in life is something I will never achieve, but that it’s by finding our unshakeable center in the midst of unbalance- while also rejecting the voices and things in our lives that need to be rejected- that we can approach our various roles and responsibilities filled with grace, confidence, and compassion.